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Welcome to Forgecraft's Open Source Community page.

Recent Activities:

  • Headdetect is now the lead developer
  • ForgeCraft is being rebuilt from scratch based on the (incomplete) LibMinecraft
  • We are now using SVN instead of Git
  • Everyone on the team is being added to the LibMinecraft team
  • We will use our own terrain generator, as well as Mojang's (not in our code). Go read about perlin noise.
  • We will be using a much more rigid code style. Crappy code will not be tolerated in a project this large.
  • XML Comments.
  • Any documentation on the inner workings of ForgeCraft should go here. Discussions should be marked private when appropriate.

We are starting fresh. ForgeCraft is a mess, and needs to be re-done right. That's what I am here for. Everyone will start with menial, boring, easy tasks in LibMinecraft, and will be assigned more important ones as I see fit.

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